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The science and technology brought conveniences to our lives. Synthetic ingredients made mess productions of goods possible. The modern medicine allows us to live longer. But at what cost?

The shampoo ingredients are found in our blood stream that may cause cancers. Cocamide DEA, sodium laureth sulfate, and many more. Even some natural products deliver pesticides. Longevity with painful suffering is not a gift but can be a curse.

Do these harmful chemicals slowly disabling our metabolism that causes obesity?

“U.S. Breast Cancer Cass Could Rise 50 Percent by 2030”  -American Cancer Society –

The big corporate, who benefit from this open secrete, spends millions of dollars hiding the facts on this hidden epidemic, the hair loss. Studies show that over 30 million women in the country are experiencing hair loss. Over two thirds of people experience it at some point in life, with a quarter of men starting to go bald before they reach their mid-twenties. The female hair loss is worth, but many tend to blame ‘stress’, rather than the truth of chemical side effects.

Bella Crown is committed to share the truth and search for better ways to enhance our beauty.

  • Hair loss prevention and treatment with natural holistic remedies while utilizing modern technology
  • Deliver safe and proven hair growth solutions based on each person's scalp condition
  • Deliver authentic organic care products at everyday low prices
  • Offer non-surgical hair loss systems, such as hairpieces, extensions, and custom/medical wigs
  • Safer and effective mineral cosmetics that you can blend your own. Are customizable
  • Blending your own perfume with organic essential oils

The Bella Crown is a hair loss prevention and treatment center. We provide proven effective hair loss treatment programs that offer amazing results) amazed by the result.

Herbal Trichology identifies root causes, allowing your scalp to grow healthier hair with the help of modern technology, acupressure, and holistic remedies.

Hair conditioning process will stimulate your scalp and help to grow your own hair naturally.

Trichology service is famous for it’s stress-relieving effect. Enjoy more hair, natural ways, with herbal trichology. Most agree it is more soothing and relaxing than a full body massage.

When you relax on our comfortable chair, a licensed Trichologist will show you the microscopic view of your scalp, analyze the condition and begin an hours long treatment session.

The treatment session includes cleansing, detoxification, nourishment, that stimulates the natural cycle of hair growth.

You will feel incredibly refreshed and pampered. After a couple of weeks, in most cases, you will begin to feel and see the results with the naked eye.

Discovery of oil triggered rapid population growth and systems of mess production. During this sensational era, we learned to enjoy the miracle of science. The synthetic materials conveniently replaced natural ingredients.

The power of mother earth that has sustained humanity over its entire history has been ignored by the wrongful corporate messages. In result, our body is contaminated with toxic chemicals and even our DNA structure is disturbed.

More consumers are awakening from the matrix, seeking organic solutions. But be aware of the faulty claim of organic products.

Bella Crown’s mission is to search authentic organic products that out perform chemical formulated personal care products. Delicate balance of nature and convenience of science will continue to be measured for the benefit of our patrons.

Uniqueness, individuality, adventurous, compassionate family values are a few of beautiful American culture.

The Smooch represents that American value we so deeply proud of. The Smooch is not another chain making carbon-copy faces. Each woman we work with is an individual from the inside out. We celebrate individuality with our unique ability to custom formulate your perfect foundation and lip color right before your eyes, giving your look dimension that is so YOU.

Our professionally trained make-up artists will guide you to celebrate your individuality at Bella Crown.

The wigs offer not only the beauty and replacement of hair, but it also leads hair trends. Surprisingly, wigs must be designed a year before it reaches the market for mess production, a wig designer must determine the colors and shapes of styles ahead of the trends.

At Bella Crown, we present only the latest design of wigs crafted by the finest wig makers in the world. We offer competitive prices on RAQUEL WELCH, MIMOSA,and the VIVICA A FOX collections.


Hair loss caused by various medical reasons require special types of wigs. The alopecia areata, psoriasis, and ring warm patients may need a partial hairpiece rather than a full wig.

Cancer patients on the Chemotherapy require customized wig-base for dry and sensitive scalp.

The Bella Crown is exclusive distributor of the SOGO, which is a registered medical wigs with the FDA. We work with the major medical insurance companies, assisting our clients with insurance coverage.


More people are suffering hair loss and hair thinning than ever before. You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to pump up the volume or hide the thinning spot.

The Bella Crown offers all sizes and shapes of Top-pieces that covers only the thinning spot and blends perfectly with your own hair for natural look. It is so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing a hair piece.


A simple toupee makes a man 10 to 20 years look younger and energetic. The well fitted and crafted toupee allows you to run, swim, and work with confidence. And most importantly, at Bella Crown, all that comes at factory-direct low prices.

Instead of you taking a risk by ordering online from oversea for factory-direct prices, the Bella Crown will bring risk-free factory-direct price to you. While enjoying everyday low factory price, we also deliver your order right to your salon on the same day or the next day by our Hair-on-wheels delivery crew.

Our professional beauty consultants will assist you selecting right type of hair extensions with matching colors at the shop. Or if you already know what you need, visit our website at Bellacrown.com and order online. If you are located within the distance from our shop we can deliver on same day you order.

Enjoy the low price and convenience.

Beauty comes in many shapes and forms, inner beauty, external beauty, and the beautiful mind. The beautiful minds and the external beauty can only come true with healthier balanced body. One cannot come without the other.

The Bella Crown believes foundation of beauty is the harmony. The harmony that can be orchestrated perfectly by the maestro of beauty itself.

Carefully selected and formulated vitamin supplements are featured at Bella Crown, waiting to create that harmony.

Our team

Dedicated, fun, and exciting people

Bella Crown is the home of ellites in beauty industry. Our retail stores are opening rapidly everywhere in all major cities around the world. We are constantly searching for the best of the best in retail beauty industry. If you are a cosmetologist who wants to move forward with fast growing trichology, if you are people person who loves to interact with customers, we have lots of room here at Bella Crown. Contact us today.


There are many hair stores, but there are only 1 quality hair store. The Bella Crown truely delivers wide selection of quality hair pieces at surprisingly lower prices.

Washington, DC

It only takes once and I am hooked. One hour of scalp massage and treatment service is unforgettable. With all that awesome pampering, my stubborn hair is growing. What a surprise.

Seoul, Korea