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Why Bella Crown?

Established in the year 2000, Bella Crown remain in one location without opening more stores. Because we are waiting for you to open your own Bella Crown in your neighborhood. 

Creator of the worldwide famous Spring Twist, Fluffy Twist, Nubi Nubi Twist, Nubian Silk Twist, Zat Twist, Kinky Twist, and Kinky Locs

Freshly made hair and body lotion with no chemical additives. When it comes to essential oils and how it mixes, Bella Crown has the answer.

We are a hair factory store. We have profit-sharing programs exclusively for qualified Bella Crown Beauty Consultants (BCBC), We can grow together.

Real talk from our real customers

Over the years, we watched the small children grown up to be the ladies and gents. Running a small neighborhood store becomes meaningful when we hear them saying, “Just got back from college. I had to stop by this store. I missed it so much.”

Thank you all for being such good friends.

“I would like to officially endorse BellaCrown and their Polaris bundles! There’s a big difference in a celebrity endorsement and an endorsement from a professional where there is no money or kick back involved👌🏾💯☝🏾!
I’ve installed hair from the high end to the lowest end and this brand remains my favorite, to date. As a stylist, who is all about haircare, I feel the same about keeping the integrity of even the hair that’s being installed. No one should be walking around with raggedy tresses😂😂 especially tresses you have paid for! I continue to refer my clients to Bella Crown because this hair simple stands the test! It remains soft after being chemically treated and continues to bounce back! Looking for affordable bundles with great quality? Check out Bella Crown’s Polaris brand bundles and tell them that I sent you! 😘
April C Brock

Bella Crown Blog

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