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Wig Fresh is a Must

Don’t throw away that stinky wig, eliminate the odor, and freshen it up.

Those of us who wear wigs understand that contact with the head, especially when wet, can lead to an undesirable smell. Second Nature’s Wig Freshener is our solution to that musty scent. By combining the technology used in hand sanitizers with a natural deodorizer from castor seed oil, we have developed a way to attack the bacteria that leads to wig odor. 

This product includes zinc ricinoleate, which is a natural deodorizer used in many handcrafted deodorants. In a head-to-head lab test, it beats out any other deodorant solutions. We also use Food and USP Grade ethanol; the antiseptic base of many hand sanitizers. 

Second Nature’s Wig Fresh comes in a wide variety of scents, including; 

  • a collection of essential oils, 
  • fruit scents, and 
  • perfume grade fragrances. 

The product is free of sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, propylene glycol, parabens, formaldehyde, and artificial colors.

Odor, Don’t Cover! Eliminate it.

Spray Second Nature’s Wig Fresh(TM), directly onto the inside cap of your wigs daily. 

  • Will eliminate odor-causing bacteria, 
  • It traps and absorbs odor molecules, making them imperceptible to the odor receptors in your nose, and 
  • And adds a pleasant scent. 

The bacteria and other microorganisms that build up in wig caps can not only produce stinky odors, but they can also cause hair thinning and loss.

In between regular wash of your wigs, use the Wig Fresh(TM) daily to keep them fresh and pleasant. 


  1. Before use, please note the Second Nature’s Wig Fresh(TM) are made to be used on wig caps. You may use it on the hair, but it doesn’t have any styling benefits. 
  2. Flip your wig inside out, lightly spray the Wig Fresh(TM) evenly on the wig cap. It dries quickly, but please allow time to dry completely before putting your wig on.
  3. Works best if you spray it after taking your wig off before bed. Spray very lightly in the morning if you sprayed it the night before.