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Toupee for Men at Bella Crown

Bella Crown was famous for custom wigs and toupee. We measure each client’s head size and custom made, by hand, wigs and toupee since 2,000. Due to the trends, we stopped this service for a long time. AND now our service is back.

Mr. Curtis, my new best friend, almost forced me to make his hair piece. He had been paying over $750, in some case, over a thousands. I accidentally told him our price would be somewhere around $400. My big mouth is a problem, seriously.

Beginning with his toupee, now we end up doing complete line of toupee for men, especially for black men. So, if you have family members and friends who wants to get toupee, please refer them to Bella Crown.


  1. Make an appointment for free consultation
  2. Measurement, selecting hair line, hair texture, and hair color
  3. We then create mold and make your toupee.
  4. Takes about 2~6 weeks (depending on work load)
  5. We will notify you once it is complete
  6. You can make an appointment for attachment service
  7. Our wig specialist will attach and give you care instruction
  8. Bring in your toupee for regular shampoo and reconditioning service.


  • Become a toupee specialist
  • Register and attend our custom toupee class ($500)
    • Learn how to consult clients about toupee
    • Learn how to measure and create a mold pattern
    • Learn different attachment methods
    • Learn how to provide maintenance service
    • Learning ventilation is an optional ($400 additional)
  • ONLY FOR CERTIFIED toupee specialists;
    • Send us your client’s measurement information
    • We will make your client’s toupee at our factory price
    • We will send you and/or your client regular updates with picture images
    • When it is completed, we will mail you your order
    • You can attach and style it for your client
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