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Please Make a Wig for My Mom with My Hair

Every once in awhile, you hear a heart warming story that makes your eyes wet. A story such as a mother saving her hair for her daughter who is going through a cancer treatment.

Today, the Bella Crown received a call as powerful as that.

“I found your shop on internet. I have about 16 to 18 inches long hair that I like to cut to make a wig for my mom. Can you make a wig for me?” She said her mother is going through a cancer treatment and she feels its right thing to do.

The ventilating hair on the wig base is very time consuming work. It is not easy to find skilled wig maker to do the work since it is hard on the eyes and fingers. And making a medical wigs are different from fashion wigs, since the patient’s scalp can become very sensitive during the therapy, it has to be made accordingly. In short, it takes two or three times more effort to make a medical wigs and it is harder to find a wig maker for medical wigs.

Regardless of this reality, the Bella Crown just couldn’t say “No, please consider buying one of our wig instead.” Cutting one’s hair for someone else is very powerful statement. It is a prayer in action. How can anyone say no to that, right?

So, we will bend backward and sidewards to make that happen for the daughter who loves her mom dearly and wishing her prayer will come through.

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