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Moved to Complete Our Mission

After 23 years, we are excited to announce the relocation of our first store to a brand-new space. Although the retail area may be smaller, we have expanded our one-on-one service to provide a more personalized experience to our valued customers.

With this new location, we are now able to offer factory-direct wholesale prices on our high-quality wigs and bundle hairs. This means that our high-end wigs can be purchased at about half the price, making them even more accessible to our customers.

In addition, we have expanded our wig customization services, offering pre-customized and styled wigs by our Wig Specialists. Customers can also customize their wigs exactly to their liking with the help of our experts. We also offer shampooing, conditioning, and restyling services for our customers’ wigs.

We are pleased to announce that our much-requested Trichology Service is making a comeback, offering deep shampoo services that exfoliate the scalp and help promote hair growth. Our use of micro water jets and herbal extracts helps remove any unwanted buildup on the scalp, resulting in healthier and more vibrant hair.

Our famous Oil Bar has also gone global, with our high-grade essential oils now available for purchase online at wholesale prices. Our organic hand-crafted hair and skin care products are also available for purchase online, and we are now offering private label orders for all the products we make.

We are also proud to introduce our new program that allows us to train the next generation of Bella Crown owners. We are investing in setting up new stores for future owners and want to build a co-op with our partners. This program takes dedication, endurance, patience, and motivation to own and operate a business. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please visit our store.

At Bella Crown, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and are excited to continue serving you in our new location.

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