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Our Journey

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

Leaving Comfort Zone

Our journey began in 1999

We both achieved our goals in a career as a journalist and a foreign policy liaison. Leaving six-figure jobs behind wasn’t difficult when knowing we will spend more time with our children. With help of a great friend, we opened a small beauty store. “Oh no.” In opposite, running a store gave us less time with children, less income, and more work.

Meaning of Retail Life

Have Fun Over Money

Running a store from 10 am to 8 pm every day wasn’t fun. Couldn’t even seat down for lunch. We had to create fun projects. Organized lots of photoshoots and parties. With all the picture images, we put together a series of <Braids PORTFOLIO> which became an instant bestseller. On the other hand, with help of professional braiders, I created a series of twist styles that I named, Kinky Twist, Spring Twist, Nubian Twist, and so on. Wow, what a big hit.

The EON Natural became a prestigious hair extension brand.

Went on the Road for Sole Searching

Found the Herbs Instead

Didn’t want to get run over by the businesses. Packed an old backpack and went around the world. In each country, they all had their unique remedies for health and beauty. I realized that there was old science before our science. Surprisingly, it was a better solution but disappearing by the noise of the big corporate marketing. I had to study herbs. We began by creating a new concept that I named, “The Oil Bar.”

Carrying Longest Tradition

The Wigmaker

When someone asks, “what are you?” I say that I am a Wigmaker. It is a trade and tradition that trickled down thousands of years. It is my passion and commitment. I also know that I must practice it responsibly and pass down this old tradition to a better Wigmaker.

Over the years, I wrote a textbook on wigs, train many wigmakers around the country. In recent years, Monica created a new concept of handmade wigs at Bella Crown, which she calls “Pre-made custom wigs.” Awesome. Monica and Destiny now make better wigs than me. 

Pre-Made Custom Wigs at Bella Crown

Bella Crown is Great, Because Our Customers are Great