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Toupee for Men at Bella Crown

Bella Crown was famous for custom wigs and toupee. We measure each client’s head size and custom made, by hand, wigs and toupee since 2,000. Due to the trends, we stopped this service for a long time. AND now our service is back. Mr. Curtis, my new best friend, almost forced me to make his […]

Hair & Body Mist by Second Nature

Lately, it became harder to find a good body mist at beauty supply stores. Little that we see are cheaply made, embarrassing to carry it in our purse. I am quite excited to see Second Nature’s Hair and Body Mist. The bottle is well designed and the scents are perfect. I love it. The retail […]

Work The Edges

Tianna colored, styled these wigs today at Bella Crown today. I love her creative work. She grew up in a salon where her mom used to work. We think our Tianna will soon become a celebrity stylist. Don’t you?

Your Hair Business Source

Retail Revolution is in Progress Right Now. The Rule of Successful Business Still is – the Faster You Enter, Bigger You Gain. The More Important but Hidden Rule is – Who You Partner With. Bella Crown May Not Be the Ultimate Partner, But Pretty Close to It. But If You Come to Join Us, the […]

Wig Fresh is a Must

Don’t throw away that stinky wig, eliminate the odor, and freshen it up. Those of us who wear wigs understand that contact with the head, especially when wet, can lead to an undesirable smell. Second Nature’s Wig Freshener is our solution to that musty scent. By combining the technology used in hand sanitizers with a natural […]

I LOVE my beautiful neighbors

I LOVE my beautiful neighbors.❤️ Lina, a nurse, ordered 6 bottles of PAPA MADE Hand Sanitizers from Bella Crown ➡️ Bella Crown matched her order and donated six more bottles for other nurses ▶️ Then, while Anisha ordered it for her husband’s essential employees she donated $20 for others ▶️ Added to Anisha’s $20, Bella […]

It’s not just the smell

There is a reason for each oil‼️ Here are a few tips for using essential oils for virus prevention and protection to Kill Virus ✔️Using Essential Oils in the Bath ✔️Using Essential Oils for a Body Spray✔️Diffusing Essential Oils to Kill Viruses ————————————————————— One of the most effective ways to protect your family from viruses […]