Anti-Slip Velvet Wig Grip Band


Anti-Slip Velvet Wig Grip Band makes it easy for you to keep your wig and hair pieces in place without compromising quality. The wig grip band is made from soft velvet, comfortable and convenient to use and wear, to give you a headache-free experience. It’s good for people with alopecia and those going through chemotherapy and is also designed to eliminate headaches and prevent bald spots.  Eliminates wig-related headaches by placing a barrier between your skull and the wig’s materials.




  • Length approx. 22 inch
  • Soft velvet- comfortable and easy to wear
  • Prevents headaches
  • Fastens your wig, hat or scarf securely without glues, tapes, clips or combs
  • Secures wig in place, won’t slip, slide or move even if your wig is stretched out
  • Adjustable and one size fits most heads
  • 1 band per order


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