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Retail Revolution is in Progress Right Now. The Rule of Successful Business Still is – the Faster You Enter, Bigger You Gain. The More Important but Hidden Rule is – Who You Partner With.

Bella Crown May Not Be the Ultimate Partner, But Pretty Close to It. But If You Come to Join Us, the Bella Crown Definitely Will Be Your Dream Partner.

Let’s Complete the Revolution Together.

Earn Profits From Products That You Use

If you are a person who your family members and friends seek advice on which beauty products to buy, you are an influencer. Your choice of endorsement makes any product to move or die. If that is the case, shouldn’t you earn profits from that business transaction? If you answer “Yes,” you must join this awesome program.

Own a Brick and Mortal Beauty Store Without the Inventory

Imagine this.

  • You set up your own online store effortlessly in
  • Your customer has the choice to pick up their orders at the store or have it delivered.
  • If your customer happens to stop by Bella Crown to shop without you, you still get a portion of profit because she/he still is your client.
  • On top of it, imagine you buy all your product at wholesale prices as well.

After posting this announcement, Keedy asked via email if drop-shipment service is available. The answer is YES with a small fee (about $1 to purchase a shipping box, and $1.50/order to pay our employees,) we will be happy to provide the drop-ship services. But please keep in mind that you are becoming a retailer yourself. In other words, if your customer wants to return or exchange the product she ordered, you must determine how to handle such services or requests at your cost. As a wholesaler, we are responsible for obvious manufacture defect (unusual but if occurs) and any customer service beyond that must be dealt by you.

How About the Quality of Products?

It is embarrassing and disappointing if a product you recommended to your family members, friends, and neighbors turned out to be worthless.

You don’t have to recommend any products that you don’t like. You may carefully select the products you like and eager to recommend. When it comes to hair extensions and wigs, we too are very careful about selecting the products we sell.

How Much Does it Cost, and What is My Profit Margin?

Just as you are being careful when choosing your business partner, we too are careful. We don’t want to waste our time and energy with jokesters. To filter out the jokesters, we charge an annual fee of $50 (subject to change based on the use of service and the actual cost of operation). This fee covers the maintenance of your online store and administrative cost.

Your profit margin is set individually by each product. The price of products fluctuates depending on the change supply and demand. To maintain competitive pricing, selling products with a narrow margin is unavoidable time-to-time. However, it will be transparent, and endorsing each product can be determined by you at any time.

How About the Styling Service?

Clients mostly want installation services when they buy hair extensions or customizing wigs to their desired look.

As a Bella Crown Associate, you are entitled to reserve and rent our booth at $10/hour. You don’t have to waist weekly or monthly booth rent to run a business.

Do I Get Any Type of Training to Operate My Own Beauty Biz?

Just as you don’t want to waist your time with a pony companies who doesn’t even know the products they sell, we too don’t want to waist our time with careless amateurs who are just looking for free money.

The revolution that we are going thru right now demands more knowledge and sharper skills, especially the hand skills. No-pain, No-gain rule remains. To protect our Brand reputation; and to prepare or ensure our Bella Crown business Partners to succeed in beauty culture, we strongly recommend (at this time, it is optional but it may become a mandatory requirements if we feel necessary in the future) taking our on-line Retail Beauty Consultant course. This course is comprehensive and we strongly recommend to a licensed cosmetologists also.

We also provide (irregularly) Custom Wig Making course (due to the COVID-19, we do not have next schedule yet so please do not email us about it – too many emails to handle, instead, check our website for an announcement.)

How Far Can I Grow My Business?

As I mentioned at the beginning, we are in the middle of a new industrial revolution. They call it the “4th Industrial Revolution.”

One thing for sure, the brick and mortar retail store will change its structure. We believe the Bella Crown has a clear vision for the future of retailing and taking steps that no other beauty supply stores are taking.

The distinctive line between retailers and consumers will fade away gradually where the consumer is the retailer. We envision that one day, artificial intelligence (AI) will narrow down the best products to buy and the selection of products will be isolated to a few. We also envision that one day, you will have your own Bella Crown showroom in your upgraded garage store/shop.

Bella Crown has initiated the movement and committed to lead its way.

We are still in the process of building the site for this awesome program. Please standby for a business introductory workshop soon (in Webinar form since we still have COVID-19 situation on our hands).

Please send us a short email with “I am ready to be a Bella Crown Partner.” to receive live updates.

Thank you.

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