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Beauty 101: Retail Beauty Business Practices
Beauty 102: Retail Beauty Wigs and Hair Extensions
Beauty 103: Retail Beauty Personal Care Products
Beauty 104: Beauty Consultant Training Instructor

These courses work to impart a basic working knowledge of the beauty industry, which includes:

  • Business Essential Knowledge
  • Wigs & Extensions
  • Personal Care Products

A student can register for classes on a one by one basis or enroll in a course package, as described below:

Beauty 101: Retail Beauty Business Practices

This course will introduce a basic understanding of the beauty industry, with a focus on common business knowledge and practices. Other topics that will be covered are basic anatomy, essential knowledge of different hairstyles and an introduction to common business equipment.

This course is considered basic but it is an essential course for anyone who plans to serve public consumers.

This course introduces wide range of essential business related subjects, such as:

  • Introduction to the beauty industry and its scope
  • Basic hair biology and bacteriology
  • Work ethics
  • Professional ethics
  • Job safety and proper handling in case of emergencies

Duration:   10 hours

Beauty 102: Retail Beauty Wigs and Hair Extensions

Building off of the concepts from Beauty 101, this course focuses on different types of hair extensions and wigs. Focus will be placed on different application methods, advanced hair weaving, custom wig making, styling, fitting and how to select well-made products.

It is important to learn and understand the importance of wigs and extensions for those in need.

Couple things this course will introduce with many others are:

  • Understanding of materials used in wigstensions
  • Assisting customers when trying on wigs
  • Advanced hair weaving
  • Custom wig making
  • Styling and fitting

Duration:   10 hours

Beauty 103: Retail Beauty Personal Care Products

In this next course you will get a basic introduction to hair care products, styling equipment and common products used in salons or homes. Along with focusing on hair care products, tools, and FDA’s guidance on specific subjects; you will also learn about various cosmetics and different skin care practices. Without knowing your products, you cannot expect to make any sales or build clienteles and understand and know the usage of them.

This course will give you detail knowledge and practices on:

  • Chemical products
  • Styling tools
  • Sundry
  • Skin care & Cosmetics
  • General Merchandise

Beauty 104: Beauty Consultant Training Instructor

This exclusive course will prepare candidates to teach the Retail Beauty Consultant Program. It is taught on a one-on-one mentor and mentee basis, with a focus on learning how to develop a teaching program and make adjustments based on the progress of each individual class. Candidates must be pre-approved and pass assessments in order to be enrolled into the program.


  • Must be pre-approved in order to register
  • Must have at least 2 years of retail experience.
  • Candidate must demonstrate a complete understanding of all textbook materials that were provided during the previous three Retail Beauty courses
  • Candidate will serve as an Assistant Instructor under the supervision of an Instructor
  • Candidate must be able to demonstrate the procedures to others and pass other assessments in order to qualify as a candidate instructor.

Duration:         Minimum of 6 months as Assistant Instructor or equivalent teaching experiences